S I L I C O N   B I O L O G Y

Micro- and nanoscale fabrication technologies offer fundamentally new ways to probe, understand, and ultimately control complex biological systems.  Key to the success of an approach is the ability to harness knowledge and expertise from physics, device engineering, chemistry, and molecular biology.

The university offers a unique environment to develop ideas requiring long-term commitments and multidisciplinary collaborations while industry provides the university with an invaluable perspective to emerging applications.

The MIT Media Laboratory has proposed a special interest group that brings together industry and academia to explore research projects at the interface of silicon technologies and biology. In the context of the Media Lab's extraordinary research environment, Silicon Biology will benefit from interaction with other research programs addressing the interface between human and technology, at multiple levels, from the cellular to the community.

On November 13-14, 2000 there was a kickoff event. Want to learn more?