1st   A N N U A L   S P O N S O R     M E E T I N G   A G E N D A

14  November  2000

Attendee List
Welcome and Overview     Professor Scott Manalis

Introduction    Professor Joseph Jacobson

Biomolecular Machines     Dr. Kim Hamad

AFM Nanopatterning     Brian Hubert

Peptide Patterning     Colin Bulthaup



Field-effect Biosensors    Emily Cooper

Biomolecular Recognition with Microfabricated Devices    Dr. Juergen Fritz

Wireless Biosensors   Cagri Savran

W i r e l e s s   T e c h n o l o g y Professor Joseph Paradiso
e a l t h    Professor Alex (Sandy) Pentland

C o l l a b o r a t o r s
MIT's Microsystem Technology Laboratory  Professor Martin Schmidt

The Nanogate    Professor Alexander Slocum, MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering

Nanopore Probing     Professors Dan Branton and Jene Golovchenko, Harvard University 

Molecular Engineering of Nanobiomolecules     Dr. Shuguang Zhang, MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering


n d u s t r y   e r s p e c t i v e s
Protein Biochips     Dr. Peter Wagner,  Zyomyx, Inc.

From Post-Sequencing Research through Functional Genomics and into

Molecular Diagnostics     Dr. Jaymie Sawyer, Motorola

Chemical and Biological  Routes to Nanoelectronic Devices    Dr. Tim Gierke, DuPont

Engineered Genomic Operating Systems     Dr. Noubar Afeyan, Chairman, EngenOS Inc.


a b o r a t o r y   P r o j e c t s
Room 015    Controlling and Manipulating Biomolecules    Dr. Kim Hamad, Colin Bulthaup, Brian Hubert

Room 023    NMR for Biological Applications    Yael Maguire

Room 441    Emerging Biosensors    Emily Cooper, Andrew Sparks, Nin Loh

Rothschild Room    Wireless Sensors for Biomolecular Recognition    Dr. Juergen Fritz, Cagri Savran, Matt Reynolds

l a n n i n g i s c u s s i o n